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October 31, 2012

Wi-Fi Sign In

This entry should be read by both PERC Staff and Tech Squad volunteers.

Hello Volunteers:

I am excited to tell you that the Wi-Fi Guest Network sign-in process has been simplified! No longer are users being routed to the long yellow sheet where they are asked for a name and an email address; instead, they are redirected to a much shorter "Disclaimer" where they only need to click on (or Tap for iPads) ACCEPT to be logged in to the wireless network.

Also, I have created an insert to be given to patrons borrowing our iPads. This "tip" sheet will instruct the patron how to re-set the Wi-Fi if the connection is lost. When you are logging patrons onto the wireless, please share the information on this insert with them.

I have noticed that patrons often return to the PERC with the device when the device "times out" of Wi-Fi. This explains how to get to the Settings icon and from there how to make the connection to the appropriate wireless network (MGuest-UMHS).

I will make the appropriate changes to the laptop "tip" sheet. If you have any questions on this change, please let me know. Thanks again for all your help.


Posted by monti at October 31, 2012 12:03 PM


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