May 28, 2009

Construction of new PFSS intranet under way

Hello PFSS staff members,

We are starting to develop the PFSS blog and Intranet site. Our first goal is to update the staff directory of the Intranet. Please log on to our Intranet at:
Scroll down and click on
"Directories and Contact Lists"
then click on: PFSS directory
and then click on "Maintain Your profile"
Note: the first time you open this page it will be empty, because you have note entered your profile in there yet. Click on "Add" to open the form.
Please enter your details into the text fields you see in the form.
Scroll down and click on "Save"

When you are done send a message to Sandy at to let her know you updated your profile. Attach your picture (in .jpg format) to the message. Sandy will approve your profile to show in the directory link. She will also add you to the PFSS group so you will be able to view other sections of the site.

Please note: Although we are asking you to enter your home phone and address these details will not be displayed in the public view of the directory. They will only be seen by members of the PFSS administrative offices.



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