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February 20, 2007

Introducing Miss Sandra D.

Dear Sandra D.,

Will Derek and Meredith get married?
-Grey’s Fan

Dear Grey’s Fan,
Is Meredith even going to be alive this week? If she lives to tell about it and Derek doesn’t propose soon, girlfriend needs to move on! Or at the least, she should read He’s Just Not That Into You. With Derek possibly leaving soon, I don’t see a proposal coming unless Meredith gets up and goes with him. Right now we already have two engagements, and we know that three’s a crowd. Don’t hold your breath on this one.

Dear Sandra D.,

Am I too old to wear leggings and a miniskirt?
-Confused About Fashion

Dear Confused About Fashion,
You are never too old to do anything. However, we all can, and sometimes do, make bad choices. It is up to you to decide if wearing leggings and a miniskirt is one of them. The pros are that you’ll be warmer than in just a skirt, and many people might mistake you for an undergrad which could open up a whole world of exciting new dating possibilities. The cons are that many people might mistake you for an undergrad and that could open you up to a whole new world of frightening dating possibilities.

Dear Sandra D.,

There’s this really cute professor that I’ve seen around the Law School. How do I get him to ask me out on a date?
-1L in Love

Dear 1L in Love,
You are not alone. 1Ls are always falling for professors. If their fully loaded brains aren’t enough, they top it with amazing fashion skills and piercing eyes. But what can we mere mortals offer them to bring them under our love’s spell? First, check to see if said professor is wearing a ring. (Be warned, some super-cute professors/deans are married but don’t wear rings.)
If there is a ring, stay away! There are nothing but dead ends and broken dreams down that road.
If there is no ring, still proceed with caution. Relationships with professors can only lead to drama with a capital D. Establish a working relationship with this professor, go out to coffee with him and maybe drinks every now and then. Use these next couple years to focus on school and developing a friendship. When you are ready to graduate, then go in for the kill.


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