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February 06, 2007

Three Sizes Fit Most: V-Day Advice

These cold winter days are the perfect time to warm up with a hot Valentine’s Day romance. Are you afraid this dreary, snow-covered city has nothing for you and your love? Ha! We have some hot date ideas for any law student’s needs.

The Study Date

Wake up your sweetie with a hot double espresso to rev you up for hours of… studying. If you are at a serious place in your relationship you might want to go to Starbucks, otherwise snack bar coffee should be fine.

After your Valentine’s classes, you might want to skip lunch because there is no time to waste if you want to get those book awards. (What is more romantic than matching book awards?) For a study break, you can find each other’s alma maters on the stained glass windows in the Reading Room.

Dinner is a must, and the perfect way to keep your brains gearing while eating a great meal is eating up a storm at Leopold’s over an even crazier game of chess! Finish off that meal with a romantic sundae for two. We especially recommend Washtenaw Dairy, where a little ice cream goes a long way.

The Fun Date

The perfect beginning to a fun Valentine’s Day is a perfect breakfast. Try chocolate chip pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head. If you want to be daring with a romantic touch, add some baby heart pancakes.

Walk your valentine to class reminiscing on fun times and funny jokes. Skipping is not mandatory but highly recommended.

While your valentine is enduring a long day of classes, make sure to brighten up their day with a singing Valogram from The Headnotes; and, after class, meet them with some cheesy Valentine’s Day balloons.

A great way to end the night is with a few drinks and karaoke at Blind Pig. If the day has gone really well, the perfect ending to the night is you serenading your valentine with “I Got You Babe.” We all know there is only one place to go after that….

The Steamy Date

You want to wake up your hottie, sexy-style. And by sexy style we mean sexy time; and, by sexy time, we mean with hot griddle cakes, omelet eggs, drizzling syrup, hot steaming coffee, and orange juice. A nice RG to read on the side will add the perfect steamy touch.

Next, escort your love to class where they can do that whole law school thing and you can begin preparing for your afternoon. After class, you don’t want to set the bar too high --save the super steam for later on tonight.

This is the perfect time to satisfy your date’s afternoon appetite so they are fully charged for later on. Red Hot Lovers may seem like the obvious choice, but have you seen Rick’s by day? Suddenly transformed into the swanky American Café, it is the perfect romantic spot.

Finish off your night with a couple’s massage at any of the local spas. A romantic dinner afterward is key. If you want something a little fancy the Earle is a good choice, or try out any of the quaint selections on Main Street. Make sure to serve lots of compliments sprinkled lightly with suggestive remarks. After dinner… well we got you this far, the rest is up to you!