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April 03, 2007

Federalist Symposium to Be Held at Law School

Open Letter

To the Law School Community:

On behalf of the University of Michigan Law School Federalist Society, I would like to thank everyone who has participated in and supported our events throughout another great year. Although our Law School has a “liberal” reputation, the Law School community has always been extremely supportive of the Federalist Society’s efforts to further intellectual debate. Our events draw students from all perspectives. In fact, they often excite vigorous discussion among our own members, who range from all varieties of conservatives to libertarians, even card-carrying ACLU members!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that our own chapter’s vitality and the dedication of the Law School community have made it possible to host the 2008 National Federalist Society Student Symposium at Michigan Law School. This Symposium, entitled “The People and the Courts,” will occur on March 7 and 8,, 2008, and will focus on the interaction between society, the judiciary, and the democratic process. This symposium will bring together law students from around the country to engage with judges and legal scholars from top law schools. Michigan Law students consistently make valuable contributions to our discussions and events and we hope that our fellow students—Federalist or not—will also take advantage of the opportunity to engage in this discourse. Dedication to intellectual diversity is one of our law school’s greatest assets and we are thrilled to host this valuable contribution towards that goal.

Mike Ruttinger
Federalist Symposium Director