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April 03, 2007

Women’s Law Blog Resource Unfolds

Submitted by Anjali Shenoy

One year ago women from twelve of the nation’s top law schools, including Michigan Law, shared an idea to combat a long-standing problem: the rates at which women lawyers opt out of the legal profession. The solution? Ms. JD, a new online forum for women law students and lawyers to connect and converse about topics that affect women in the profession and the world at large. The blog is, according to the site, “dedicated to reinforcing and expanding the representation of women in law school and the legal profession.”

Reaching issues in areas ranging from work-life balance (not just a women’s issue!) to high heels, and incorporating articles written by everyone from students to the Dean of Harvard’s Law School, Elena Kagan, the interactive blog solicits contributions and encourages comments, debate and discussion. Ms. JD works to bring to light the many issues facing women in the legal profession and to spread the word about why these issues matter, not only to women, but to the greater legal community. Moreover, the website brings into focus the victories women attain every day for themselves and for society.

On Saturday, March 31, the Ms. JD board held the first annual Ms. JD conference at Yale University to mark the launch of the new site, which is already filled with contributions and commentary from students, administrators, and academics alike. I encourage everyone to take a moment to check out the site at http://ms-jd.org. The site welcomes all contributions and comments. For more information, email ms-jd@legallyfemale.org, visit http://legallyfemale.typepad.com, or email me at shenoya@umich.edu.