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September 25, 2007

Elections to be Held for LSSS 1L Reps and Junior Board of Governors Rep

On Wednesday September 26, 2007, elections will be held outside 100 Hutchins Hall for four 1L representatives and one Junior Board of Governors representative. Here, in their own words, are their intentions.

Junior Board of Governors Rep

My name is Alex Brown. I’m from Kansas City and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (’06). I’m running for the Junior Board of Governors. If elected, here are a few things I will work on:

1. Extended hours in the library and subsections
2. Free coffee in the mornings
3. Wireless internet for all Lawyer’s Club dorm rooms
4. The option to reserve the Lawyer’s Club recreational room for parties

I’m excited to hear your thoughts and to work hard to improve our law school community. Thanks for your support!

1L LSSS Reps

Josh Van der Ploeg

I came to U of M with a huge respect for everyone here. Although I’ve only been here a few weeks, I already love this place and all the incredibly impressive people I’ve met here. I want to represent you in the LSSS to advocate for each unique member of this diverse group of people. In college, I served on the Student Senate for two years, which helped me develop an eagerness to act as a voice for a larger group. My desire to get involved and my outgoing personality will serve as assets to work on your behalf.

Joe Jones

My name is Joseph Jones, and I am running for position of 1L rep for Section EFGH. I would love to be 1L rep for our section and I think I would be a great choice. Not only have I served on student governments prior to law school, but I am also pretty visible and friendly (tall kid, who talks a lot ). I am easy to talk to and easier to reach (I’m probably your Facebook friend) and I will help you with whatever problems you may have. Thanks and please vote on Election Day!
Jenna Selsky

There are many ways to have fun: apple-picking, reading a book, Rick’s, burritos. What do all these things have in common? You can do all of them while you study “The Law.” While grades are important, no one should spend three years of their life holed up and miserable with their Civ Pro book. Vote for Jenna Selsky and you will for sure not be that holed up, miserable person. Plus she cares.