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October 30, 2007

A Quiet Moment of Reflection on the Changing of Things

No Other Warranties, Expressed or Implied
By Nate Kurtis

Everything is changing!

I realize that progress is a good thing, and that everything can’t stay the same forever, but I never thought that the Law School itself could change faster than the editions of our textbooks. Yet, in a slew of announcements over the last month, that is exactly what is happening!

I was still making my peace with the new student lounge and the revamped 138 Hutchins, and I hadn’t yet recovered from entirely one third of the law school’s student population turning over a few months ago, when an e-mail from Dean Caminker announced that the Reading Room, a campus landmark so ancient that many of us thought it immune to changes of any kind, would be closed, cleaned, and updated in the coming term. This was followed by news that the LSSS, responding to complaints from last year’s Halloween Party, had found a new, larger venue for this year’s festivities (see “A Frighteningly Good Time” on pages 11). Then an e-mail from BLSA informed us that their Date Auction, a fall classic, would no longer be held in the fall at all (see “Save Your Bids” on page 7)!

These tectonic changes in our tiny Law School community were enough to make even the most courageous among us metathesiophobic. But the Law School wasn’t finished!

Last Tuesday, October 23, students returning from Fall Break found that in their absence things had changed yet again. The Law School’s website, an electronic oasis of stability in these mercurial times, was gone! In its place, the Law School’s Information Technology staff and Communications staff had created a new website. These changes are not merely cosmetic. Dean Caminker, in an email to the Law School community, informed us that even the underlying software architecture is shiny and new.

Then, when it seemed that only the classroom experience was unchanged, last Friday, October 26, the Law School rededicated 116 Hutchins as the “Weil Gotshal Room” in recognition of the generous support of Weil Gotshal LLP.

Once the dust settled from all these changes, the implications were obvious: I can no longer go to class, read, study, surf the web, or purchase attractive people the way I used to! That’s it. No more! I don’t think I could take anything else changing, though there isn’t much I could do to prevent it. I’d protect myself from any more changes by quitting school and living in a box… but those would be changes too!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Nate Kurtis is a 3L and the Editor-in-Chief of Res Gestae. He can still be reached with comments or questions at nkurtis@umich.edu, his old e-mail address.