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October 09, 2007

Party Like It's Friday the 13th!

Submitted by Adriel Sanders and Sarah Gleich

Last year many students cried foul when the Law School Student Senate sponsored Halloween Party sold out in a record 16 minutes. Despite LSSS’s attempts last year to measure demand we were shocked ourselves at how popular the event was. In response, we have decided to expand the party threefold.

We have moved from the Links to a new location at Whitmore Lake, Barnstormers, which will be able to accommodate up to 750 costumed law students and their friends. Also, unlike the previous venue, there is a giant airplane hanging from the ceiling, but please resist the urge to ride it; it’s strictly for decoration purposes only. Another cool aspect of this venue is that it has not one but TWO dance floors, so come ready to party like a rockstar on levels one AND two!!

In addition, we have stepped up the entertainment. Our awesome spinmaster, DJ Graffiti, is back for another year and is bringing some new features. He will be setting up video screens and game players from Rockstar games for those who are not interested in dancing. Partiers will be able to compete to win prizes and prove their awesome-ness to the whole student body.

As always buses will be provided as the sole form of transportation. And, food and refreshments will be provided, too! This is the 1L coming out party to the law school so make sure you’re there in spirit and costume.