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December 04, 2007

Goodbye [LawStudents], Hello [LSOrgEvents] Listserv

By Sarah Rizzo

There’s been a shake-up of Michigan Law email boxes. On November 16, LSSS announced its plan to discontinue the [lawstudents] listserv and launch [lsorgevents] in its place. The new listserv began on November 20.

Unlike [lawstudents], [lsorgevents] is specifically reserved for events that are sponsored or co-sponsored by Michigan Law School student groups, Michigan Law’s journals, and other ad-hoc groups created by Michigan Law’s administration. The new members-only listserv will serve a critical function: keeping students informed of events going on around school. For students who would like to publicize other events that do not have the sponsorship required for [lsorgevents], [lawopen] will be continue to be an alternate forum for publicity.

Andrew Knepley, Vice President of LSSS, explained that there are a few reasons for this change. “It seemed like a number of students were confused about which listserv serves which purpose, and the Senate thought the name change would better approximate the purpose of the listserv.” He pointed out that the Senate believed the name [lawstudents] was counterintuitive; it was an “official” listserv, but included “students” in the name. Also, the Senate wanted a listserv to begin with “L-S” rather than “L-A-W” to avoid e-mail typing mishaps.

The barrage of [lawopen] ticket sales emails, as well as duplicate commercial solicitations, frustrated some students this fall. However, regulation or changes to [lawopen] have not been forthcoming.

According to Knepley, the Senate at large has not ruled out the possibility of regulation of [lawopen] and the creation of [lawsales]. He adds, however, that although [lawsales] initially seems tempting, he also finds flaws. “My personal speculation would be that a large amount of people would rather not receive e-mail solicitation to purchase various things and would opt out of the [lawsales] listserv, and if so, an unregulated [lawopen] would remain the best option to reach a large part of the student body at a low cost.”

The issue of [lawsales] remains open, and Knepley says he is “interested to hear student feedback on such a scheme, possibly on a [lawopen] discussion.”