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March 18, 2008

A Blast From The Past!

By Meredith Weill

Here at the Res Gestae, we decided to take a peek into our filing cabinets. Navigation of the contents was somewhat hazardous (nary a Pendaflex and very few labels in sight), but the risk yielded some great treasures from the nearly 60 years of RG history. Over the next several issues, we will be bringing to you, Dear Reader, the best results of our RG office excavations—opinion pieces from the mid-twentieth century (What insight they could provide into the thinking of the partners at the firms where we will work!), photographs illustrating contemporary fashion (Were you aware that Professor Krier wore velour pants?), and other fun, in a section we’re calling, “Kicking it Old School.” We hope you enjoy it.

This week, we inaugurate Kicking it Old School with a “then and now” edition. On March 7-8, the Law School’s chapter of the Federalist Society hosted the organization’s 2008 National Student Symposium: The People and the Courts (see page 6). The last time the National Student Symposium came to Michigan Law was in 1989. Then, the topic was “Property: the Founding, the Welfare State, and Beyond.” Both events featured an outstanding slate of speakers. Here we present to you snapshots from yesteryear... and about a week ago.

Here we have Professor Miller (of Property, Bloodfeuds, and Faking It fame) with Professor Richard Epstein of the University of Chicago. Professor Epstein remains now, as he was then, a leading law and economics theorist. How efficient.

Our very own Professor Krier (velour pants not pictured) with Alex Kozinski, current Chief Judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit and the “Number 1 Male Superhottie of the Federal Judiciary” as determined by the blog “Underneath Their Robes” in 2004.