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2009 Summer Funding--Due April 3, 2009

Posted: March 26, 2009

Summer 2009 funding is available to students to enable them to carry forward their program of study during spring/summer terms.

You may request up to $4,000 in aid from the PhD program.


These funds are intended to provide supplementary support for living expenses or payment for health care. They are available to students in good standing who are progressing through their program of study in a timely manner.

The Doctoral Office will assume that in applying for summer funds, students will have pursued other sources of funding.

Funds will not be awarded for tuition payments. Students who have other sources of funding (min: .40% GSRA, .40% GSI, 20 hours of temp.
work, grant funds, first year student with tuition support for SP/SUM MSW course work) for Spring and/or Summer Terms are not eligible.

Time line:

Awards will be made after all requests have been turned in.

Please complete the summer funding request form and turn in to the doctoral office by April 3, 2009.


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