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Find Work-Study Jobs & Temporary Employment

Posted: June 22, 2009

If you've been given a work-study award as part of your financial aid package you can search for positions by clicking here. Additional postings will be available in late July or early August. See postings for application details.

Many work-study positions range between 8-15 hours of work per week and pay $10-15/hour. They are flexible positions making them a good option for social work students. There are many positions in the University that are community service oriented or involve social work research (or related areas). Social work field placements cannot be used to fulfill work-study awards.

If you are not sure if you received work-study, you can review your financial aid award at: www.wolverineaccess.umich.edu
*Go to student business, login, click on student center, click financial aid.

Students interested in work-study and temporary employment in the School of Social Work may also complete a form to be placed in a candidate pool used by social work faculty and administrative offices: www.ssw.umich.edu/about/tempemployment/index.html

If you have not been granted work-study, but would like to gain temporary employment with the University you can search for positions here.

More information about work-study and temporary employment can be found at:


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