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The American-Scandinavian Foundation Announces 2010/2011 Award Competition--Deadline November 2, 2009

Posted: September 28, 2009

Over $1,000,000 will be offered by The American-Scandinavian Foundation to outstanding American and Scandinavian students, scholars, professionals and artists in its 2010/2011 award program. Fellowships of up to $23,000 are intended to support an academic year-long stay, and priority is given to students at the graduate level who need to spend time at foreign academic or research institutions. Grants beginning at $5,000 are considered more suitable for shorter research visits, both on the graduate or post-doctoral level. Funding is available to candidates in all fields.

Fellowships and grants are awarded competitively, based on qualifications of the applicants, the significance and feasibility of the projects, and the merit of pursuing the program overseas. The American competition, open to US citizens and permanent residents, has a deadline of November 2, 2009.

Contact information for the ASF’s cooperating organizations in Scandinavia can be found on the ASF website.

For further information on the 2010/11 awards, including applications for the American competition, please see the ASF website or contact:

The American-Scandinavian Foundation
58 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Tel: 1-212-879-9779
Fax: 1-212-249-3444
Email: grants@amscan.org
Website: www.amscan.org


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