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Continuous Enrollment Policy

Posted: October 07, 2009

This message is an update on the proposed changes in Rackham Graduate School’s enrollment policy for PhD students at the University of Michigan. Rackham plans to implement a policy of continuous enrollment in PhD programs starting Fall 2010. If it is implemented it will affect all new and continuing PhD students. This means that students will be required to be enrolled at the UM as long as they are active in the PhD program. The policy will not affect students’ ability to conduct research or engage in dissertation writing away from Ann Arbor, as long as they remain enrolled. They will still be able to take leaves of absence for personal or professional reasons.

Rackham has requested that all academic units submit to them a plan for PhD student support under this new policy. The plan that Dean Lein and I submitted to Rackham will allow us to continue to offer all incoming students five-year funding packages and to honor all current funding packages. All current students who have terms of funding with stipend and grad care only will also receive tuition support when the new policy is implemented.

We will continue to work with students who are making satisfactory progress beyond the five-year funding period to access other sources of support such as GSRA or GSI positions or fellowships. If these students are unable to access these types of support they will be eligible for a tuition-only fellowship. The details for financing these tuition only fellowships are being developed. The Doctoral Committee and Supervisory Committee of the Joint Doctoral program will be discussing the implications of this change in policy for doctoral student advising and mentoring.

The details of Rackham’s proposed change in policy can be found here. This change in Rackham’s Policy is still subject to Regental approval.

FAQ's can be found on the Rackham website.


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