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LHSP Graduate Internship

Posted: October 30, 2009

We are offering an internship of eight to twelve hours per week, focusing on but not limited to working with student leaders, multi-cultural programs, and student recruitment in the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program. This internship would be offered for the academic year with flexibility in start and end dates. Charlotte Whitney would serve as the primary supervisor. Faculty director Carol Tell would also provide project direction.

The responsibilities consist of the following:
Assisting with Student Leadership
LHSP will have ten Sophomore Assistants and seven RAs who work to create a welcoming and educational climate in the living-learning community. Specifically these student leaders organize events for the community, take on mentoring roles, and participate in the recruitment of students for the following year. They also take active roles in the development of the program’s clubs and projects and participate in short and long range planning for the program. The intern’s role will be to coordinate, support and assist the student leaders in this role.

Assisting with the Student Recruiting Program in LHSP
We will be working on several initiatives in which we will hire students with the specific purpose of recruiting the following year's LHSP students. The intern would be given an opportunity to recommend and participate in programs that provide access to prospective students. This would include special UM recruiting events and recruitment fairs as well as other innovative efforts with this year’s students.
Other Projects Depending on the Intern's Interests and Program Needs
While time constraints may not allow the intern to participate a wide range of additional projects, we would be happy to accommodate the needs and interests of the intern, including research projects of benefit to the program.
This Internship is Ideal for Those Who are Interested In:
• Living-learning programs, particularly with a theme of writing and the arts
• Working on student recruitment
• Working with student leaders
• Research
What Skills/Knowledge Could the Intern Gain From This Internship?
The position is devised to help the intern develop professional skill sets which will aid professional growth in the intern’s future career. This internship is structured to give the student the maximun amount of responsibility yet have the support and aid of the Associate Director, Faculty Director, and LHSP support staff. The intern would participate as a professional member of the LHSP staff and attend staff meetings (unless he/she were unavailable at the time) and Wednesday student leadership meetings from 4:30 – 7:03 pm. Every attempt would be made to integrate the intern into the professional staff of LHSP in order that he/she would be able to to understand the inner workings of a residential living-learning program. The intern would participate in any staff retreats, social events, and other activities which would allow entre to the office culture.
What are the Benefits of Working Here?
There is a strong sense of community at LHSP both within the administrative staff and the student leadership. We offer an amazing array of co-curricular events for students that include author readings, art workshops, field trips, and student performances. We also offer flexibility to the intern regarding scheduling and adding projects as her/his time allows. Our offices are in a residence hall, so we have all those amenities: computer lab, several lounges and meeting rooms.

As a Supervisor, My Work Style Is:
Informal/relaxed. I meet weekly for a one-on-one with the intern to go over issues and provide direction.
Some Work Expectations Includes:
Excellent communication skills; time management; commitment to our program.
Honesty, integrity, enthusiasm, committed work ethic.
Additional Comments: We welcome and value your ideas!
Lloyd Hall Scholars Program Internship Position

Program Description:
The Lloyd Hall Scholars Program is a living-learning community located in Alice Lloyd Hall at the University of Michigan focused on writing and the arts. It is a welcoming and diverse educational environment for first and second year students from all UM undergraduate colleges. The LHSP Program curriculum focuses on communication and artistic expression, with a strong emphasis on writing. Special programs enhance the curriculum and reinforce learning outside the classroom. LHSP offers the best of a small college community with all the advantages of a major university.
• A small community focused on writing and the arts
• Access to faculty who teach innovative and unusual courses
• A place to get to know faculty through small classes and informal interactions
• Group projects focused on creative writing, art, music, theater, photography, dance, and the like
• Author readings, guest speakers, field trips, art workshops, and social events
• Classes taught in the residence hall
• Writing Center in the residence hall where students can get help with their papers
• Art room in the residence hall which is open 24/7
• Social, cultural, and academic programming, including plays, art exhibits, and museums
• Courses which cross disciplines
LHSP is open to all incoming first-year undergraduates attending schools and colleges on the UM-Ann Arbor campus. It is competitive based on an essay.
For more information: www.lsa.umich.edu/lhsp
To apply please send a cover letter and resume to:
Charlotte Whitney 734-764-7521 (phone)
Associate Director 734-764-5312 (fax)
Lloyd Hall Scholars Program cwhitney@umich.edu
Alice Lloyd Hall
100 South Observatory
Ann Arbor MI 48109-2025

Internship Job Title: LHSP Graduate Internship
Department Name: Lloyd Hall Scholars Program
Office Location/Address: Alice Lloyd Hall, 100 Observatory Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Name of Supervisor: Charlotte Whitney
Supervisor’s Phone Number and E-mail: 734-764-7521 cwhitney@umich.edu
On-Campus or Off-campus? On Campus Hourly Pay: $16.00
Cover Letter Needed? Yes __X___ No _____


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