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Job Opening: Chief Executive Officer, Women's Caring Program

Posted: December 22, 2009

The Women’s Caring Program is a 501©(3) Michigan public foundation that provides quality childcare and early childhood education to disadvantaged children through its signature program, ChildCare

• Full-time position
• CEO to be hired at a range of $70-80,000 per year
• CEO will initially work from a home office

To apply, send resume, cover letter and 3 references to:
Ms. Marge Wetzel
MC 3389
500 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48226
or: mawetzel@comerica.com


Description of Major Functions
• Responsible for leading and managing the Women’s Caring Program
• In partnership with the Board and volunteers, will lead the WCP in achieving its vision, mission, strategy and annual goals and objectives
• Assist the President of the Board and the Board of Directors in fulfilling their governance function
• Provide overall leadership for organizational development, oversight and fundraising

Reporting Relationship
Reports to the Women’s Caring Program Board of Directors

Major Qualifications (in order of priority)
• Success at fund development, including knowledge of and success in attracting foundation and corporate grants; ability to identify and solicit individual donors
• Excellent organizational development, interpersonal, marketing, communication, administration and personnel management skills essential
• Excellent communication skills, both written and oral; strong presentation and public speaking skills
• Experience in start-up organizations
• Understanding of not-for-profits
• Experience working with boards of directors and developing an effective Board of Directors
• Experience working with and organizing volunteers
• Proven leadership skills developed through experience in senior management positions.
• Ability to build collaborative ventures with diverse constituents.
• Leadership ability in strategizing and coalition building
• Ability to raise the visibility of the organization through successful marketing including expansion of the volunteer base and possibly a membership base
• Ability to foster a healthy organizational culture, to encourage teamwork and collaboration; strong interpersonal skills that include the ability to inspire and motivate
• Ability to provide vision and innovative leadership in achieving an organization’s mission

Major Functions/Responsibilities
• Fund Development
– In partnership with the Board and Advisory Council, implement and direct fund development, including identification of funding prospects, development of materials and grant applications, and collaboration with individuals donors, corporations and foundations
– Coordinate and organize fund development activities for the Board of Directors and the Advisory Council
• Organizational Planning & Strategy
– Prepare for anticipated growth of WCP
– Provide overall vision and direction for the organization
– Ensure progress on Strategic Plan
– Promote and oversee outreach and collaboration with related organizations in Michigan to raise awareness of and participation in ChildCare Commitment
• Organizational Management
– Oversees the management of ChildCare Commitment and supervise ChildCare Commitment Coordinator to ensure timely awards and reporting, fiscal integrity, adherence to board policy
– Responsible for coordinating all volunteer activities, committees and Advisory Council on behalf of the board
– Eventually recruit, manage and motivate a strong staff team
– Responsible for managing all activities of the non-profit on behalf of the Board of Directors
– Implement policies and procedures necessary for successful program implementation
• Marketing, PR and Advocacy
– Raises visibility of WCP, its mission and ChildCare Commitment through the development and implementation of a sustainable marketing campaign
– Develop and implement marketing and public relations strategies with the assistance of volunteer marketing committee
– Conduct media interviews
– Present at conferences and meetings
– Conduct meetings with local officials, local agencies, other nonprofits, etc.
– Manage and coordinate all activities related to the WCP website and its supporting database; devise strategies to use website as a major fundraising tool

• Board Relations
– Propose and develop agendas for the board reflecting issues, opportunities and priorities; present a written & oral report at all board meetings
– Work closely with the Board and its committees to recruit, develop and maintain a strong, balanced board of directors
– Facilitate board engagement and communications
– Serve as ad hoc member of all standing and volunteer committees
– Provide Board reports
– Perform other duties prescribed by the board of directors
• Ensure Fiscal Integrity of the organization
– Develop and review annual plans and budgets for presentation to the board, in conjunction with Board Treasurer
– Ensure that expenditures are within budgeted amounts
– Oversee annual audit
– Sign checks/approve financial documents
– Review and provide approval for all proposals and grant reports
– Prepare budget revisions as needed throughout the year


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