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UPDATED INFORMATION: Rackham -Susan Lipschutz, Margaret Ayers Host and Anna Olcott Smith Awards - Due January 4, 2010

Posted: December 17, 2009

Dear Graduate Students,

You will also need to submit a research statement for the Susan Lipschutz, Margaret Ayers Host and Anna Olcott Smith Awards to Rackham Graduate School. I was just inform by one our student about this and have been in contact with Rackham.
It is not currently listed on the Rackham webpage and they are not sure when it will be updated on their web page.

Below is the description for the research statement.


Write a statement regarding your proposed research (maximum of 1,500 words). The required parts of the proposal include a statement of what the project will accomplish (goals and objectives), a statement of why the research is important (theoretical justification, social benefit or significance), a description of the specific activities and duration of the project for which support is requested, and a statement of how this specific research project contributes to the completion of the your degree program. Proposals should be written for faculty reviewers from outside your discipline who are not necessarily familiar with the technical vocabulary of your specific field.

Please let me know if you have any questions.




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