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How to Get a Job in a Recession

Posted: June 02, 2010

Tips on job hunting from “How to Get a Job in a Recession”, an article published by www.money.cnn.com:

Network with everyone – Classmates, former professors, people you know who are also unemployed and looking, former co-workers & supervisors.
Build your contact list – Join a professional organization, form a career-networking support group, volunteer, search for mentors, conduct information-gathering interviews.
Do your research – Go to interviews prepared with questions and ideas for your interviewer. Be aware that it takes more to get noticed these days, and that employers have more applicants than ever to choose from.
Send thoughtful thank you notes – Think about what you learned at the interview and show how it got you thinking about the job. Send a relevant article along with it, if applicable.

Looking for job openings? Check out the Career Center’s searchable job postings list here

Read the full article here: http://money.cnn.com/2009/03/27/news/economy/yang_jobhunters.fortune/index.htm


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