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Henry J. Meyer Scholarship Awards - Due September 20, 2010

Posted: September 09, 2010


The Henry J. Meyer Scholarship Award honors the original and long-time director of the Doctoral Program, Henry J. Meyer, under whose leadership the Program was founded to be the first doctoral program in Social Work to integrate fully the intensive study of social work and a social science discipline. The purpose of the scholarship is twofold: a) to support and honor students in the Doctoral Program in Social Work and Social Science whose written work exemplifies the goals of the Program in relation to the integration of social work and social science; and b) to encourage students to prepare such work for possible publication or conference presentation.


The major criterion for judging a paper is the extent to which it makes an original contribution to empirical or theoretical literature in a manner that integrates social work and social science. Such integration may involve the application of social science theory or methods to a social work problem, the clarification or challenging of theoretical or methodological issues in social science from a social work perspective, or other types of linkages.


Eligible papers will be stand-alone or self-contained papers that meet all of the following requirements:
• Submitted by a student(s) currently active and in good standing in the Doctoral Program in Social Work and Social Science, and prepared by that student(s) while in the Doctoral Program.
• Prepared in a standard format for a social work or a social science journal, double-spaced, and using a 12 point font.
• No more than 25 pages in length, at 250 words per page, including footnotes and bibliography but excluding tables and figures. Please include a word count on your paper.
• Incorporate material from social work/social welfare domains as well as from social science.

Papers that, in the majority opinion of the supervisory committee, are not stand-alone efforts and that fail to satisfy any one of the forgoing conditions will be returned to the student(s) and not adjudicated in the determining vote of the competition.

Papers may be published or unpublished. In addition, they may be either sole-authored or jointly-authored. Students submitting a jointly-authored paper will share equally any award resulting from a winning paper. Students may not be the author or co-author of more than one paper submitted.

Priority will be given to students who have not received the award in previous years.


Generally the Supervisory Committee makes only one award. However, it may occasionally make an award to more than one paper and divide the award amount to reflect the Committee’s evaluation of the most deserving submissions. The Committee reserves the right to recommend no award in a given year should it conclude that submissions are not of acceptable quality. The amount of the scholarship for this year’s competition is $14,000.


The competition for the Scholarship Award will be announced to all active students in the Doctoral Program in Social Work and Social Science and to faculty in social work and in the associated social science departments. The deadline for the submission of papers to the Doctoral Office is 5:00pm on Monday, September 20, 2010. All papers must be submitted electronically.

The Supervising Committee will act as the review committee. Members will be provided copies of papers without the student names and will independently review, rate, and provide brief written comments on each submission, taking account of the award criteria. Final decisions will be made the Supervisory Committee as a whole, based on a majority vote. The award winner(s) will be announced in January, and is expected to make a special presentation of their paper and attend the SSW Awards Ceremony during winter term.


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