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Barbour Scholarship - Due Friday, December 3, 2010

Posted: November 08, 2010

The Barbour Scholarship is one of the oldest funding sources within the University of Michigan and is
available to students within any graduate program in any school or college of the Ann Arbor campus.

The eligibility criteria, selection criteria, award description and nomination procedure is available on the
Rackham website. Students do not nominate themselves for consideration of this award.

To nominate a student, graduate programs must complete and submit the online nomination form
found here.

A common question from students and programs pertains to the length of documents that must be provided in
order for you to complete the online nominations: the program’s statement of performance and potential
is limited to 1,500 words, the curriculum vitae (c.v.) is limited to 1,500 word, the means of support is limited
to 1,500 words, and the student’s personal statement is not to exceed 1,500 words.

If you would like to be nominated for the Barbour Scholarship, please submit the following application materials electronically to me by December 3rd.

1. Statement of Student Achievement and Potential (the statement from the graduate program chair should describe the
procedure for selecting nominees; the statement should also explain how the nominated student’s academic progress
meets the expectations for the program for timely completion of degree requirements.)
2. Nominee's personal statement describing her research, future goals, and contributions to her home country*
3. Current curriculum vitae (c.v.)
4. Budget statement regarding the student's current means of support (including source, amount and length of support).
5. Two letters of recommendation


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