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Posted: November 23, 2010

Hello CBI students. Sorry for all the confusion about not being able to enroll in section 285 of the foundation field seminar. In an attempt to restrict non-CBI students from enrolling this created more confusion since you could not enroll either. You have two options:
1. You may now enroll in section 285. I have removed the restriction so it will allow for your enrollment as long as the section does not exceed the 22 capacity (don’t worry, if you are suppose to be in this section it will happen one way or the other).
2. Enroll in SW 531-888 (even though this reflects a time of Tuesday 12-2 your registration will be updated to reflect enrollment in 285 following the Pre-field orientation in January if not before)

We have an internal process that moves students into the correct section of SW 515, SW 691, and SW 531 throughout the term.

Verna T. Bell
School of Social Work Registrar


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