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Social Science Summer Research Partnership: Due Monday, March 28

Posted: March 03, 2011


I. Purpose
This program aims to enhance the quality of a student’s education in the Joint Doctoral Program by promoting partnership arrangements between students and faculty in allied social sciences either in working on existing research projects or in developing and implementing new ones. The program is designed to evenly share the provision of funds for graduate student support, as well as to facilitate doctoral education and progress toward the doctoral degree during the spring/summer term (4 months),

II. Eligibility
Students must be in good standing in the Doctoral Program in Social Work and Social Science at the time the application is submitted. Faculty partners are encouraged to arrange for appropriate matching funds prior to submitting an application.

III. Form of Support

The full award for the Spring/Summer term is $2000/month. The Rackham funds allocated to the Joint Doctoral Program in Social Work and Social Science cover half of the award to each student ($1000/month). The other half should come from the social science department’s funds, the social science faculty partner’s research funds, or funds from additional sources available to the faculty member. It is the responsibility of the faculty partner to secure the matching funding ($1000/month) for the student partner. The award will be administered by the Social Work Doctoral Office and the corresponding Social Science Doctoral Office, or if the Social Science prefers, the Social Work Doctoral Office can be transferred all funds and be sole administrator.

IV. Review Process
The Director of the Joint Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Social Work and Social Science will review the applications. The proposals will be evaluated in terms of the student’s role in the project, the scholarly nature of the project, and the ways in which the partnership fosters the student’s integration into the social science department.

V. Application Materials
The students who wish to apply must attach the following: 1) the application form, 2) a short (1–2-page) proposal indicating the topic of the project; describing the background and nature of the partnership; defining the student’s and the faculty partner’s activities; and explaining the ways in which this partnership will foster the student’s integration into the social science department, 3) a CV for both the faculty partner and the student partner, and 4) the most recent student transcript.


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