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Annual MSW Student Mailbox Cleanout!

Posted: August 23, 2011

ALL student mailboxes will be reassigned for the new academic year. Please pick up all mail from your student mailbox by end-of-day August 26th.

Continuing Students for Fall 2011 term:All mail found in student mailboxes will be re-distributed to your NEW mailbox after the reassignments have been made in early September.

Students who will NOT continue in Fall 2011:All mail found in student mailboxes will be kept in the Office of Student Services until September 30th for pick up. After September 30, all mail will be recycled.

IMPORTANT! Effective Friday, August 26th, please DO NOT distribute any additional materials to MSW student mailboxes until we get them cleaned out and reassigned. OSS will send out an email when the new assignments are done and posted.

Any questions can be directed to the Office of Student Services, 1748 SSWB, ssw.oss@umich.edu.


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