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Job Opening: Programs Coordinator for Youth Leadership Initiative

Posted: October 12, 2011

Position Title: Youth Leadership Programs Coordinator
Department: Marin Programs Department
Salary $23-$26 per hour, $4050 - $4580 monthly, non-exempt
Reports to: Chief Operating Officer
Location: Marin County, CA
More information: www.yli.org

The Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) builds communities where young people and their adult allies come together to create positive social change. We design and implement communitybased programs that provide youth with leadership skills in the areas of prevention, philanthropy, and policy and civic engagement. Building on these real-world program experiences, YLI creates evidence-based curricula and training programs that enable us to engage in social change efforts across the nation, all while promoting best practices in the field of youth development. The Healthy Novato Community Project is a comprehensive community health initiative in Novato with a particular emphasis on community environmental strategies that promote health and wellness through multi-stakeholder engagement and capacity building. The project’s vision is to create a community that understands, supports and involves youth by partnering with youth to promote and assist in community empowerment, and to implement equitable policies, practices and educational opportunities that will positively impact the health, safety and wellness of youth in Novato. The project is coordinated by the Novato Blue Ribbon Coalition for Youth, involving the City of Novato, the County of Marin, the Novato Unified School District, the Novato Police Department, community-based organizations (Marin Youth Court, Novato Youth Center, Youth Leadership Institute, Kaiser Permanente, and other community organizations) and individuals.

This position will be physically located in offices of the Novato Unified School District.

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The Coordinator will lead the youth engagement programs for an initiative designed to address policies and social norms related to underage alcoholic beverage consumption and healthy environmental conditions for youth in the city of Novato, and particularly in Novato middle schools and high schools. The position supports the Youth Leadership Institute’s participation in the Novato Blue Ribbon Coalition for Youth and the Healthy Novato Community Project, a
multi-agency partnership involving the school district, nonprofits, local government, and community members. The Coordinator will train and support youth councils and coalitions of youth and adults to create school and community environments that promote health and support positive youth development by implementing environmental and community level strategies to address the issues of underage drinking, healthy eating and physical activity and positively and
meaningfully engage youth in the decisions in the community and institutions that impact them.

The Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all of the logistics and functional tasks necessary for meeting the goals and objectives of the youth councils, coalitions and other program elements, and for ensuring that the young people and network allies in the program are
experiencing high quality program opportunities and working from evidence-based program models and methods. The Coordinator will maintain all day-to-day operations of the initiatives, collaborate with partners, and lead training, and social norms campaigns and policy change campaigns throughout the city of Novato. The Coordinator will be responsible for developing comprehensive youth leadership opportunities under the umbrella of the California Friday Night Live (FNL) and Club Live (CL) programs, and for supporting high quality existing and new FNL/CL chapters in middle schools, high schools, and community organizations.

A. Responsibilities
1. Recruitment, Outreach & Promotion
• Conduct all recruitment activities to ensure youth and adult membership in the
• Ensure a balanced, demographically diverse youth council and youth chapter
• Assist in producing program outreach materials, including applications, calls for
proposals, workshop notices, etc.
• Conduct outreach to a maximum number of interested sites and potential partners
2. Reporting & Record Keeping
• Keep accurate, current records of participant demographics
• Maintain event summary and monthly report records
• Organize information so that it is easily accessible, retrievable, and understandable
• Document the timely completion of contractual goals and objectives, including
internal and external reports
• Produce monthly reports and all reporting functions as mandated by funder
3. High-Quality Relationships with Youth and Adult Participants
• Coordinate work effectively in partnership with the Novato Youth Center, the Novato
Unified School District, and all members of the Novato Blue Ribbon Coalition for
Youth, ensuring a high degree of communication and collaboration
• Maintain consistent contact with youth and adult participants
• Develop a sense of belonging and teamwork among members
• Encourage identification by members with YLI and the goals of the Healthy Novato
Community Project
• Represent YLI to networks and community in professional way
4. Program Leadership and Logistical Functions
• Work with chapters and youth councils to implement youth-led participatory action
research projects that offer multiple youth leadership development opportunities
• Ensure alignment of the work of chapters and youth councils with the goals and
initiatives of the Novato Blue Ribbon Coalition for Youth
• Set up for meetings and events, including: preparing sites, agendas, and materials
• Conduct follow-up activities after meetings and events including: preparation and
distribution of minutes and other records, carrying out tasks assigned at the meeting
• Assist in the coordination of media and press coverage for the program; prepare
programmatic information for the press
• Complete mailings to program participants and other interested parties
5. General and Other
• Maintain contact with other community programs and services
• Participate as a team member in organization-wide events and activities
• Develop a deepened understanding of youth development and exhibiting that
understanding in interactions with young people
• Promote the project’s mission and goals, including articulating the mission and taking
opportunities to advance the goals when appropriate
• Other assigned duties as required

B. Qualifications
• B.A. and a minimum of two -four years relevant experience in field of youth development, or
the equivalent, preferred; graduate students who are completing their advanced degree
coursework in a related field are encouraged to apply
• Experience working directly with youth, particularly those aged 12-18.
• Belief in youth as assets and resources in their communities
• Understanding of social norms approaches and other environmental prevention methods
• A passion for social justice issues.
• Strong writing skills
• Belief in youth as assets and resources in their communities
• Significant experience in project management
• Knowledge of Marin County very helpful
• Excellent written and verbal communications skills
• Excellent follow-through skills; detail-oriented, organized, professional
• Excellent research skills
• Able to work some evenings and weekends
• Able to work in a fast-paced, multi-faceted environment
• Computer literate in Mac Platform; proficient in Microsoft Word

The Youth Leadership Institute is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against its employees or applicants based on race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, medical condition, ability, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other impermissible basis.


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