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November 29, 2006

PowerPoint tip: Presenter View

Quick tip I just discovered: Presenter View in PowerPoint (available since at least the 2003 version). This solves a long-standing frustration of mine: I want to write speaker notes, but I want them on my laptop screen (not in hardcopy, and of course, not on the big screen). Turns out Presenter View shows the slide presentation on one monitor, but a presenter's view including speaker notes, a black-out button, etc., on another screen).

This article describes how to set it up.

Posted by jmm at November 29, 2006 09:52 AM


Self-commenting here: I used Presenter View for the first time in a classroom setting today. Initially I thought it wasn't working (and I was close to panicking, because my lecture depended very heavily on access to the presenter notes!). Turns out that the projector was the "main" screen, and I needed to control the setup using the mouse on my laptop but the monitor projected on the big screen (my laptop monitor was screen 2). That was just to set up the display and the presenter -- once I got past thet, it worked like a dream (presenter view on my laptop, full screen slides on the projector).

Posted by: jmm at January 6, 2007 04:35 AM

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