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January 03, 2007

Tomorrow's Professor blog / mailing list

Rick Reis at Stanford's Center for Teaching and Learning has been running a quite nice mailing list for some time, also now available as a blog (with commenting): Tomorrow's Professor Blog. If you want the mailing list (old fashion RSS :) you can subscribe. And a searchable archive is available.

Reis sends out about two mailings/postings a week. The focus is quite similar to this blog: the archive and blog are categorized as: Academy; Graduate Students and Postdocs; Academic Careers; Teaching and Learning; Research. Most of the postings are written by scholars and other experts for various forums; Reis gets permission and re-posts them. So, lots of viewpoints and multiple expertises. There are several hundred articles in the archives (including articles from a Chronicle of Higher Education column Reis writes, such as "Interdisciplinary Research and Your Scientific Career", and "The Scientific Job Talk").

I find quite a few of these stimulating (and many irrelevant to what I do). I'll blog specific articles from time to time, but wanted to highlight the overall resource, too.

Posted by jmm at January 3, 2007 02:05 AM