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May 07, 2009

Content to contribute: Wikipedia

From time to time I find pages in my areas of professional knowledge that seriously need improvement. On my long to-do list, editing Wikipedia never seems to make it to the top. But I might as well start a list in case I am looking for something to do in the future, or better yet, to suggest as an exercise for graduate students in my area.

Today I noticed:

If you happen to pick up on one of these and do some editing, be sure to note it here!

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May 03, 2009

Deliberate practice, delaying automaticity, developing expertise

I wrote a blog entry in my music blog about what the "deliberate" part of "deliberate practice" means. The results of Ericsson and other psychologists on the role that deliberate practice has on expertise acquisition -- possibly to the extent that "talent" is irrelevant -- are fairly well known. But what is deliberate practice? It is assuredly not just lots of repetitive practice. See my entry in From the Bench.

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