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October 29, 2006

IE7 vs. Firefox 2.0

IE7 vs. Firefox 2.0

This article talks about the different positions that each, Firefox and IE, hold in the business society right now. It is a glorified pros and cons list, with how the upgrades will assist each software to progress in the market.

IE7 is deemed as a "catch up" release because some of the attributes that they are adding are already being used by Mozilla's Firefox. The main attribute that they hilight is the tabbed browsing, allowing users to have multiple websites tabbed under 1 window. This is one of the main reasons people use Firefox, but now who knows what will happen.

Firefox currently has 11% market share, IE has 84% and the rest possibly use Apple's Safari or Opera (I've never heard of that one). It sounds like Firefox may have the edge when it comes to security issues for business, but lacks in the area of being able to open up different types of applications. Firefox 2.0 will adjust it's tabbed browsing to allow users to re-open closed tabs, have a recently tabbed history and they will be displayed differently, while also moving towards being able to access all types of applications so that it can be used in more firms and gain more market share from IE7.

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October 14, 2006

X-Box Losses


This article is about how Microsoft has suffered losses since the creation of the X-Box game console. The article talks about why Microsoft entered the game console market, defense against the Playstation produced by their competitor, Sony. Microsoft has been losing money due to high manufacturing costs of the consoles and they rushed X-Box 360 into the market (which frontloads the costs) in order to beat Sony's Playstation 3 to the 10 million units sold mark. They want to hit this mark in order to gain market power and attract 4rd party software developers and more support from retailers (thus leading to more sales).

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October 07, 2006

Microsoft Vista - Anticompetitive

Microsoft Vista

This article is about how Microsoft is blocking access to their 64 and 32-bit kernel for Vista (the new operating system). I don't really understand what a "kernel" is exactly, but it seems to me to be a trial system for users. They say they don't want to release it yet because users can run programs at the same speed that the system won't recognize and that program can screw things up. That is the general gist I got from this article, the cool thing I thought was that people were complaining that Microsoft was acting in an anti-competitive manner. "The two security vendors also accuse Microsoft of other tactics designed to make life harder for independent security vendors at a time when the software giant is expanding its own presence in the security field." Hopefully this story continues to develop as Vista progresses.

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