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December 07, 2006

Cell Phone Trend

The main trend we observed over this semester while following the cell phone market was the effort to try to access a larger customer market. First, there are multiple different cell phone providers that are now targeting children (you have probably seen commercials for them now that it's Christmas Season). These companies are targeting to parents as well, telling them that they will have more access to their kids' lives and ability to control the settings on their child's phone. As for kids, it's the cool thing if you are in elementary school and have a cell phone with a cool design on it.

The other trend we saw was the making of new technologies to make "high quality" cell phones cheaper. Companies that make "smart phones" are now starting to offer these upper end devices, with a few less attributes, at a lower price that is affordable to a larger market.

It is possible that these cell phone makers are trying to make their product more available to different markets because they may feel that the current, adult market is nearing its capacity. There are probably other explanations for this new approach. There are also other trends going on in the cell phone industry (there are always a lot of trends in the United States), but the mass marketing of cell phones was the main movement we noticed.

Posted by brinkerc at December 7, 2006 12:06 PM


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