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December 08, 2006

Cell Phones and SPAM!!

Cell Phones and THE SPAM!!

This article talks on the new problems being faced by cell phone subscribers associated with SPAM, no the tasty, processed ham we all love so much. All of us, being frequent computer users, have had to deal with a lot of email SPAM, but now our cell phones are starting to be targeted. This article refers to specifics events relating to SPAM, i.e. certain cellular providers spaming their own clients, illegal services saying that they have client lists of people who want to be called by telemarketers (I didn't know such a list existed), and other legal actions taken against SPAM.

SPAM is a very important topic when it comes to cell phones because it has the ability to slow down your processor, may lead to viruses, or the fact that you are never out of reach from bogus advertisements. A while back, I was sent emails about sending my name into a certain website to be put on a list so as to not receive cell phone SPAM. At the time I received these emails, I simply thought of them as SPAM, but now I am not so sure, due to the amount of SPAM my friends and I receive on our cellular devices. Hopefully these lawsuits will help decrease the rise of SPAM in the cellular world.

Posted by brinkerc at December 8, 2006 09:48 PM


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