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December 12, 2006


I gave my presentation today

I think it went well
I felt awkward at teh end just rambling about my music choices....i don't think people were taking it serisously ...as lame as that sounds ....so i almost felt offended ......

I love that the fact i hated people slipped out ....
I wasnt kidding ...I really do

Im relaly pessemistic lately ...

basically because weird things keep going on with my emotional crap

blah blah blah

i can't wait to go home on friday .......
i wanna sleep ....
i wanna party with my friends ...

i dont relaly wanna do my drawings ...and I'm scared for my ADP exam ...eeeeesh

sigh......life seems so monotonous ....im not even thinking about christmas break ..im already dreading having to go back ..

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December 06, 2006


i really with i new wht I wanted to do ....i know what i wanna do ....but i dont think ill ever get to do what i wanna do ...i guess i just look at everything else i relaly want ....and notice ...im not close to getting it ...

so why should i have any faith in myself?

why is my conscience so dependant on religion when there is no proof ......

why have i started just ranting about this crap again

i wanna sleep until im married ....and be on autopilot

maybe i wont get married

all ill just end up dead when i wake up
i wouldnt mine that either ...

then i wouldnt have to get a job

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