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January 30, 2007


i cant wait until next year ......
hopefully i will feel better ...like i belong

i love the house i will be living in
and maybe i will find a major i love.....or maybe not?

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January 29, 2007

early morning

well yesturday I woke up at noon and I started mt paper at 130.....i went to church at 430...ate and started my paper again at 7......with ALOT of distractions later .....i finnished at 130 .....
12 hours of hell

i am sooo happy its done ...i have alot of shit coming up in my other classes ...presentation and exams ...so i didint wanna be bombarded in one weekend ....cuz other than yesturday my weekend wasnt HORRIBLE ......some digital homework ...huge psych quiz tmr ....whatevs...

today is hell part two .....because im up at 730 and in digital ......and dont get done with the day until 7....

i cant wait to sleep .....and watch my new discovery channel movies

instresting weekend ...like the whole art school was at sigma phi .....
intresting arguments when down .........which got me thinking

i dont know what i wanna do next weekend.....i wish i could fly home ugh

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January 27, 2007


So much homework ...I am soooooo done tmr

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January 26, 2007


I really wanna see a good movie

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So cleveland ......
Good energy...from teh band only ....the crowd sucked .......the only pain i aquired was from teh singer kneeing me in the face ....

bad sound .....until they got the mixing adjusted ....no my sharona ....

overall ......not worth the drive ....but i dont give a fuck ...FUN TIMEZ

columbus on saturday anyone?

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January 24, 2007


My most significant collection would have to be my Highschool board. It has tons of random objects I have collected over teh four years. a significant chunk of this board is from concerts I have been to. I take atleast one item from every show I go to including wrist bands,ticket stubs, or guitar picks. In this huge highschool collection i have three specific sub-collections, hotel keys,snow boarding tickets, and pictures of me with metal singers. The keys are from all events I participated in including school trips and after concert crash parties. Many of the items on teh collage are random items that have sentimental value from my life. The main theme of the board is music, but school clubs and inside jokes show threw the concert posters.
This collection is a gateway to mind of a very diverse individual. It tells the story of my life and brings people into my mind. The layout is very compacted and organized, filled with color and texture, relating to my personality. This collection educates people on how diverse this world is. It shows the endless opurtunites of a highschoolers life in the Upper Pennisula. People can see and feel my passion on this poster and appreciate the work and dedication put into it.


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Hokay so ....this is the earth

i think ....that like pokemon cards were just a really neat fad/phase i went threw

art school may be the same .....

although ...i really did enjoy pokemon cards ......well ...art school is nice .....but i dont think i wanna do it for the rest of m life ..

i mean ...i still play my gameboy?...just like ...I could still make awesome metal band logos ....eh?

i feel a bit shallow for going into another major threw the art school ...that wasnt my intention
shoudl i still get an art degree too..????

im gonna be here FOREVER

i really want a pet otter

oh AND i LOVE THE NUMBER TWELVE LOOKS LIKE YOU ....and their ex bassist ....because he is AWESOME

good thing CLEVELAND exsists

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dumb day

so i was watching little miss sunshine with the captions on today ...and all of a sudden i read out loud

"applesauce smattering"

and people give me weird looks ..and im like yah weird huh.....
then meredith says ....did you think APPLAUSE SMATTERING SAID APPLESAUCE!!!????

oooooh wow

and then I Realized that cleveland is NOT an hour and a half .....its 3 hours

uggggggh ....great


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January 22, 2007

college student fo real

ok so im sitting in the rende-vouz cafe .........because its next to my next class and because i feel awesomely classy ...not because tons of ghetto people come here to smoke hookah but because im sitting here on my laoptop drinking a latte....hah

by myself.... i feel very independant

so i feel i need to express this in my blog because it came to me during church yesturday ....

why do people seem to get upset/dissapointed at me for doing things that are morally right in my perspective
quotes from the past weekend

"Dude! why don't you wanna drink. We won't even make you drive ....common just drink ...no? ...what you are SOO lame"
my response was silence and a shrug .....but i was thinking ......dude it is 3 in the morning and i have to drive my frined home so he doesnt have to walk 8 blocks in the cold.....i guess thats fuckin lame..
AND i don't want a fuckin hangover on my birthday when i have hours and hours of homework??
Plus .....WHO CARES

"Dude! Why are you going to Church ...on your birthday?"
#1.....since when is my birthday THAT awesome that i should dispense myself from going to church
I really don't mind going?....infact i rather go than not ......
if my birthday was that important ..maybe you should have gotten me a present ....or ...maybe called me not ONLY because you want me to drive you somewhere?...hmmm?....way to be a JERK?

These quotes seem backwards to what they should be ....



OH DANG ....i forgot my ADP book?...eeeesh .....

MY weekend was really fun besides not having a good sunday....

I was up half the night because i kept dreaming about missing discussion homework and having tons of classes i didnt know about ....
i have class from 830-7 today ....fuckin br00tal....

it would be worse of it was all art classes
i wanna go home .....i really miss my grandparents ...
i guess this weekend felt sorta superficial without families
a few of my friends hugged me with helped me copre with not being with my family ...but otherwise ....its no replacement ...

I am NOT going to another favorite band tmr ...because i guess school is more important .....i guess haha

Why is espresso royale so packed ....this place is way nicer?

im still looking .... . . . . . . .

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January 19, 2007

party party : party naked

So today was an EXCELLENT day

the other day was shitty to the MAXXX and it has gotten good

MY friends made me the best birthday dinner ever .....

Craig made Rasberry honey Tangerine Habanero chicken ...Garlic cheese Mash potaoes from scratch and snow peas ......way better than any fuckin resturant

Meredith made me Awesome Funfetti and rainbow chop cupcakes with sprinkles and wrote on them with frosting ...

we then put candles in them and i blew them out and we danced to "bring me the Horizon " and Kelly Clarkson ......

then meredith shoved A cupcake in craigs face

Fun Fun Fun

Now we are hanging out tonight and tomorrow my friends are coming here from grand rapids kalamazoo and lansing ...we are gonna go see MUSTARD PLUG ....my favorite ska band and going to SIGMA PHI ....woooooot


Next week I have metal shows ....i have not been to one in a LONG ass time .....a good one ...
two favorites ...OMG

I'm gonna take awesome pictures ....and see two bands on my list of never seen bands ....YAY!

pumped ....... . . . . . . . . . .. .. .

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January 18, 2007


I realized that it's hard to feel horrible when you have such wonderful friends who love you

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January 17, 2007


BRRRRRRRRRRR....why is bursely so cold ......
why isnt my heat on?

i feel a bit overwhelmed with ADP ....eesh ...and im really upset about them switching my times ....ugh

i guess i feel i can whine in this blog because none of my friends read it so I don't feel like im annoying them ....

i dont usually complain this much ....
my friends kinda feel obligated to read my myspace blog .....

i feel too hopeful ...this is unlike me to be so optimistic ........i shouldnt ...im only going to be let down ...
why is it the only and one this i want most ...i cant have ?

sometimes I argue with myself on whether i would trade that idea for world peace ..........haha?

or ending world hunger?

I mean of course I would ....but ....im talking about soemthing personal .......im glad i just cleared that up for myself

maybe i should blog more .....i would make more sense and and stop fighting with myself ...

im going to sleep in warm clothing
goodnight ---> i say this because if you are reading this ...you care what i have to say and i ONLY say goodnight to people i care about

? why .....i guess because I use goodnight as a comfort sign off ...and it brings back good memories

good memories or bad ones?....im not sure actaully .....this too is another arguement within myself

goodnight. . . . night ----> to those people who are reading this for not positive reasons?


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January 15, 2007



10. i have found a new love for dancing retardedly
9. when my car alarm goes of, i start shaking
8. i really wanna lay in my yard with my dog
7. I could eat a bagel everyday
6. I love blankets
5. I wish I wasn't so insecure
4. im really sick of rejection, which is why im so reluctant to move on
3. I want to have children, but i hate children..mine will own yours
2. despite my awkwardness i love hugs
1. i wish i wasn't so nice to everybody


9. get to known me
8. don't make me talk constantly
7. Be a sarcastic jerk
6. compliment me
5. show more intrest in me than my friends
4. allow my mistakes to be alright
3. be empathetic and open minded
2. do not pay for stuff
1. run your hands threw my hair, if i want you to


8. cell phone
7. my rings
6. Mcard/House Key
5. Car Keys
4. underwear
3. Bra
2. Sweatshirt
1. shoes

7. Gum
6. Being Selfish
5. Arrogance
4. asking me to do things I DONT want to do
3. people absorbed with their significant others ...get a fucking life
2. leaving the lights on while im sleeping
1. bad salad bars


6. florida
5. las vegas
4. death valley
3. wisconsin dells
2. milwaukee
1. ogalala


5. Get married
4. Have Kids
3. Travel
2. see ACDC
1. get an awesome job


4. not finding love
3. police
2. falling
1. rejection


3. Eat
2. Talk
1. Think


2. gram
1. pa

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my 4 day weekend has come to a close ....sorta .....

I really wish i could take the cold outside ....because it is beautiful out ...

ice coating everything creates such a surreal world ....
i enjoyed my painful walk from the baits parking lot ....=)

i really hope kat comes up for my birthday.....and i also hope im happy for it

i really love midori splices .....like .....delicious + fabulous

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January 12, 2007

Im really sad

that things are becoming awkward between my friends ...
I'm excited to have a loooong weekend ....to relax .....because i had the stress of going to the new semester ....and now i get to chill and take it all in

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January 10, 2007


awsome FIXXX today ....i gotta alotta homework .....ugh ....im sooo tired .......am i going to escanaba this weekend?

yah ,....i dont know either?

so i knew this whole getting used to seeing someone was gonna make me addicted to it ....and i was right

i hate boys ......seriosuly....haha ....ok...im done being 12

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January 09, 2007


Today I went to a hookah bar for the first time ...lol ...
and hung out with some people i didnt know form eastern ...they were nice ...kinda ghetto .....but they liked metal ......

I also enjoyed the whole blind person thing ...

sigh.........i feel so led on

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