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February 25, 2007


I am home now .....
Long drive on Friday. . . got home around 8-9ish?.....took 7 hourish... alotta cops ...I couldnt drive like normal

The only time I stepped outta my house was to go to my grandparents,church, and walmart.
it snowed like 10 inches today ..nothing like being stereotypical of the UP...seriously? they had less snow than Ann Arbor and I thought for one day i could have a less snow spring break .....argh

I feel better now ..more optimistic with the whole being away for half the summer ...kinda
Once I saw my grandparents

I'm waiting for my mom to get done talking to my brother on the phone
On the car ride home we talked about religion...and then in church ...they mentioned some stuff I disagreed with and then my crazy aunt called and said something weird....

and recently i have been asking myself what religion am I ....why do I always think about this? i dont know ...i guess cuz it's important to not be ignorant and know what I stand for on stuff I care about?

Well I am catholic, to me ...maybe not to my frineds and family ....Protestant...no
I am whatever religion Jesus created 2000 years back ...I can't help that the leaders changed the rules and molded it into their own crap...i don't have to belive everything do I?
It's like in English class when we had to read Maya Angelou..... I didn't like or believe the shit she made us read ......but I suppose it somewhat fit with the curriculum ?.....whatever ...

good or bad analogy? ...i don't care

I don't think I have mentioned in here that I got accepted/transferred in LS&A .....which is terrifying..

since tmr is monday Im gonna start doing homework again ..including
2 digital projects
3 CFC projects
1 farely difficult pysch paper..ugh

Posted by amypl at February 25, 2007 09:09 PM


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