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February 26, 2007

best night ever

i watched snakes on a plane with my mom ...
seriosuly what did you do?

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February 25, 2007


I am home now .....
Long drive on Friday. . . got home around 8-9ish?.....took 7 hourish... alotta cops ...I couldnt drive like normal

The only time I stepped outta my house was to go to my grandparents,church, and walmart.
it snowed like 10 inches today ..nothing like being stereotypical of the UP...seriously? they had less snow than Ann Arbor and I thought for one day i could have a less snow spring break .....argh

I feel better now ..more optimistic with the whole being away for half the summer ...kinda
Once I saw my grandparents

I'm waiting for my mom to get done talking to my brother on the phone
On the car ride home we talked about religion...and then in church ...they mentioned some stuff I disagreed with and then my crazy aunt called and said something weird....

and recently i have been asking myself what religion am I ....why do I always think about this? i dont know ...i guess cuz it's important to not be ignorant and know what I stand for on stuff I care about?

Well I am catholic, to me ...maybe not to my frineds and family ....Protestant...no
I am whatever religion Jesus created 2000 years back ...I can't help that the leaders changed the rules and molded it into their own crap...i don't have to belive everything do I?
It's like in English class when we had to read Maya Angelou..... I didn't like or believe the shit she made us read ......but I suppose it somewhat fit with the curriculum ?.....whatever ...

good or bad analogy? ...i don't care

I don't think I have mentioned in here that I got accepted/transferred in LS&A .....which is terrifying..

since tmr is monday Im gonna start doing homework again ..including
2 digital projects
3 CFC projects
1 farely difficult pysch paper..ugh

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February 21, 2007

Public Posting : ADP

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My public posting was a flyer I found on a wall in pierpont for a local metal show. The show was held in one of the University of Michigan's Dorm Halls, East Quad. It promotes three bands for the show with their logos, a description of their hometown and music genre. The picture adds significantly to the poster ralting to the grungieness of the music through it's crude factory sketch. It also tells it's audience where and when the show will take place. It's audience happens to be anyone walking through campus. These posters were placed on many walls and poles across Ann Arbor.

This poster lets the people in Ann Arbor know about the local music scene. it's design elements engage the intrest to any on looking metal lovers, or any entertainment lovers in general. If people were to attend this event they would be exposed to a very unpopular music style they may have never seen or heard of before. This educates people , gets them out of their house and off the couch.

‚ÄúAnn Arbor Hardcore‚Ä?

Facebook allows kids not only to check their friends profiles, but to check events and ‚Äúpostings‚Ä?. This link brings you to a group on facebook dedicated to telling kids when hardcore shows.

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February 20, 2007

i cant wait

i want to go home
I have never been away from my family this long

i don't like it ....

whats more important ...spendign the last years of my life hurrying through college ...or being with the people who mean most to me at teh end of their lives?

i will regret alotta stuff

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i dont care who reads this

Yah, I'm sitting in angel hall right now.... did I have class this morning...no...
should I be awake? ....no.....

Am I still really sick? ....yes .....

what number is this ...?.....2

why am i so stupid.......

yah fucking stupid.....


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February 16, 2007

Is this worth it?

I don't know what to do
I'm so confused

Im glad my friends are here this weekend otherwise I wouldnt be able to get through this ....

This is either the best or worst idea that I have ever had - chiodos

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February 11, 2007


Tonight i got a really good vibe from the metal show ....i love pierpont because theres a big pit area and theres alotta room for dancing i rather enjoyed it ......Im in a really weird mood tonight .....i dunno ..

i keep thinking about why I'm here .....where I would be if certain people werent my friends .....

this all prolly comes from being so confused about my major ......ugh ...
and .....being a little weirded out by my other problems ....
I really miss my home alot ....my mom my grandparents ....my brother ..

sigh .....i wish i was always at a metal show .....

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February 06, 2007


i wanna curl up on my couch

i wish I could lie to myself

i wish rejection didnt exsist

i hate complaining ...but it seems like i have nothing posistive to say

If I did ....I wouls say it

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February 05, 2007

long day

I wrote a paper last night only to realize in class today it was half as long as it was suppos to be ...so i added stuff ....and then i accidently clicked don't save ....THANK GOD
for autosave
so .....as of now i have been doing class and running since 830 this morning ....
and NOW i think i will study for my two exams this week

i feel like im in a constant stress cycle
and i wanna feel completely relaxed ....or maybe happy ...happy would be good too

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February 04, 2007

hmmm So

Good time tonight...fun party...
I think I should just declare myself strightedge so people don't beg me to drink when i gotta drive .....

its really cooold out ....

I'm really lonely ....=(
I wanna cuddle ...=(

yah ...thats my story .....

I hate when I'm with people and the males pay more attnetion to my other female friends ...thats really annoying ....and it makes me feel insecure

somehow I wish i felt noticed .....

I'm also really stressed out about my classes ....
and switching schools ....

and i really wish I could tell the people i like ...i like them ...without being rejected .....
OR rather .....they would approach me

Emo much?

yah...i did get a paisly shirt ....
and i had a good time tonight ....heh heh

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