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February 21, 2007

Public Posting : ADP

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My public posting was a flyer I found on a wall in pierpont for a local metal show. The show was held in one of the University of Michigan's Dorm Halls, East Quad. It promotes three bands for the show with their logos, a description of their hometown and music genre. The picture adds significantly to the poster ralting to the grungieness of the music through it's crude factory sketch. It also tells it's audience where and when the show will take place. It's audience happens to be anyone walking through campus. These posters were placed on many walls and poles across Ann Arbor.

This poster lets the people in Ann Arbor know about the local music scene. it's design elements engage the intrest to any on looking metal lovers, or any entertainment lovers in general. If people were to attend this event they would be exposed to a very unpopular music style they may have never seen or heard of before. This educates people , gets them out of their house and off the couch.

“Ann Arbor Hardcore”

Facebook allows kids not only to check their friends profiles, but to check events and “postings”. This link brings you to a group on facebook dedicated to telling kids when hardcore shows.

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