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March 12, 2007

Enviromental Condition

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Bus stops are at multiple places all over the country. At the University of Michigan students need the buses to get from north campus to central campus, and select times from place to place on central campus. All different kinds of students use the bus stop of all ages because a car is not totally necessary to have at college in such a compact town.
A bus stop is an environmental condition because it’s a small space where many things destroy it. Bus pollution, garbage, and people smoking are a few of the degrading elements. It’s like a mini society of different people with extreme hazards. Ones lung would be completely damaged in a while if they stayed at a bus stop. Garbage is on the ground and second hand smoke is often being inhaled.

“University of Michigan Bus Stop”

This website gives people times of when the bus comes so they don’t have to be in this disgusting envoromental condition for very long.

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