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March 07, 2007

social phen.


This is a Photo from a show I went to in Mt. Clemans Michigan. A "show" is what scene kids calls a concert. My social phen. is a show with tons of scene kids coming together for a common cause.

Scene kids are a stereotype. Some believe it to be bad, some people are them, and some people don't care. They are found at shows and have a distinct look to them. It is amazing how people conform to the music they love and gather together to enjoy it together. along with their look they have a dance they do to the music they love. Hardcore Dancing, which is named after the music they dance to, is found at teh center of most shows. Kids show off their moves and together make a violent display of windmills and garbage picking. This show is an amazing social gathering to experience a rare type of music and have fun.

“Hayloft Liquor Stand Website”

This link is the venue shown in the picture. They have huge social gatherings for different kinds of music on many days of the week. The link shows kids when the show they want to attend is, and how much money it costs.

Posted by amypl at March 7, 2007 10:24 PM


Do only scene kids call concerts "shows"? I dont know about that.

Posted by: kboss at March 14, 2007 01:20 PM

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