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March 27, 2007

top friends(order as of NOW...kinda)

Top 8 Friends (156Q's)
Their Names
Questions About Them
Who is the most hyper:Rachel?
is the cutest to you:Craig
has taken a picture with you before:All of them
do you think would end up with 4+ kids:Rachel
Who do you think has made out with more than 21 people :none
who did you see last? :meredith
who likes to drink coffee? :Ellen
whos the coolest? :damn kat
whos the craziest? :rachel
whos the funniest? :chuck
whose the nicest? :rachel
who has the biggest house? :steph
who did u meet first? :ellen
who did u meet last? :meredith
who have u gotten in the most fights with? :ellen and meredith
who havnt u got in a fight with? :i dont fight with steph
who would u take a bullet for? :ALL OF THEM
who has been over your house the most? :Kat
whose house have u been over the most? :Rachel
who has the best personality?:honestly don't know
why is number 1 on your top 8 number 1? :she's my best friend?
why is number 8 on your top 8 number 8? :Because she has been ignoring me
why cant number 2 be number 1? :she yells at me too much
why cant number 8 be number 1? :we don't hang out that much?
where did u meet most of your top 8? :highschool
Do you know all your top 8 in person? :YES
Are most of your friends on myspace people you know in person? :YES...a few bands
would three and four make a good couple? :Ummm ....maybe
is number one your best friend? :yes
which person on your top 8 did you see last? :Meredith
how do you really feel about number 2? :I love her
how long have you known number 8? :Since 8th Grade?
does number three live near you? :no like 400 miles away =(
have you dated anyone on your top 8? :Noooope
who makes you laugh the most? :Ellen when we are together
which do you have the most inside jokes with? :Meredith
when is number fours birthday? :Wow ...i should know this ....april?
how old is number 6? :20
do you go to school with all of them? :meredith steph craig
ever went trick or treating with anyone on your top 8? :ELLEN ...kat?
dressed up in costumes with any of them? :yes
do you love all of them? :YEEEEEEEES
slow danced with anyone on your top 8? : most of them cept meredth and chuck
would you die for them? :Duh
who is number ones best friend? :Me ...or so SHE says
what is number fives favorite color? : couldnt tell yah
does number two still have teddybears? :yes
most memorable moment with number four? :When he jumped over me at dirtfest
what is your favorite thing about number seven? :How well we work together
have number eight changed your life? :Yes ....she listens to me well
what does number two mean to you? :the world
do you hang out with number six alot? :noooooooooooo =(
who do you talk to the most? :Meredith/Rachel
would you go on a road trip with number eight? :Duh?
would you ever live with number one? :Yes ....
who is the craziest of them all? :Chuck
which one of them is the sweetest? :Rachel
ever done something stupid with any of them? :All of them?
would you ever lie to number two? :Haha yah
ever kissed anyone on your top 8? :Rachel
what would you do if you lost one of them? :Cry for like a year
do you miss any of them?:I miss all of them
Have you ver had acrush on number 8? :I don't crush on gangstas
Is number 2 close to you? :Very very ...but not physically?
Have/Would you ever kiss nunber6? :gross
Is number 1 hot? :sex nymph
Does number 3 like you? :she punched me and walked outta my room?
Have you ever fought with number 7? :Only to hang out with her two seconds later
Have you ever gone out with any one on your top 8 list? :noooooope
Do you know numbr 3's screename? :goldylocks 987?
Have you ever ate dinner over number 8's house? :DINNER PARTIES
Have you ever done anything sexual with number2? :i wish
Wood you ever do it? :uhhhh .....?
About number one...
Their name? :Rachel
Their age? :19
How long have you known this person? :since 6th grade
Favorite memory? :Dying in line at warped tour/crying on that couch
Their favorite color? :teal?
The best thing about this person? :how good we get along
Have you ever kissed this person? :hah yes
Why are they your number one? :beccause we carre about each other
Do you like this person: :tons
How often do you talk to this person: :everyday
Do you love this person: :toooooons
About number two...
How did you meet? :7th grade social studies ...
What's their name? :Kat
What's their age? :18
Where do they live? :K-zoo
Favorite memory? :Getting stranded in Nebraska
Any inside jokes? :Shake and Bake
Do you see this person often? :NO!
About number three...
Would you do anything sexually with this person? :Cant say i would
Single or taken? :single
What's their age? :19
How long have you known this person? :since june?
Favorite memory? :Dancin on stage with number 12
What kind of music does this person like? :METAL
Do they have any siblings? :yes ....1 brother
Would you take this person with you to disney land? :haha YES
About number four...
What's their age? :19
How did you meet? :From Kat
What's the best thing about this person? :He's a decent Dude
Favorite memory with this person? :When he jumped over me at dirtfest
What kind of tv shows does this person watch? :alotta everyhting?
Is this person a good person? :YES
Would you hang out with this person any day? :Yah I would
About number five...
Their age? :21
Single or taken? :single
How well do you know this person? :pretty well
When's the last time you saw this person? :last night
What's a obvious thing about this person? :He likes music?
How did you meet this person? :He came over my house uninvited one time
About number six...
Their age? :20
Where does this person live? :1601 south university
When was the last time you saw this person? :uhhhh thursday
Favorite memory? :Musical Rehersals
Any inside Jokes? :haha
Have you ever had a crush on this person? :nah
Would you take a bullet for this person? :yes
What's their favorite thing to do? :theatre
What's the best quality of this person? :she would do alot for me
How did you meet?:tech
About number seven...
Their age? :18
Where does this person live? :grandrapids
Are you good friends with this person? :We used to be ...noooow ....we dont talk
When's the last time you saw this person? :kindergarten .....fuckin playing with TRAINZ
What do you find cool about this person? :shes so independent
How long have you known this person? :14 years
Favorite memory?:crash bandicoot
About number eight...
Their age? :18
What's their favorite color? :blue maybe
Where do this person live? :YPSI
How long have you known eachother? :since 8th gradeish
How did you meet? :our frineds
Have you ever been introuble with this person? :nooooope
Any inside jokes? :yah about rap?
Single or taken?:taken i think
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