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April 02, 2007


my feelings are really hurt ...
over two things ...
i just wanna go home ....

i feel like i can't trust anybody


i kinda just wanna be alone

i don't wanna go watch the finale ..
i dont even care if i see it
i just want to be happy

even the person i thought cared about me most is complaining about me behind my back?
so? who really cares?
nobody ....

wow....if i wasnt so worried about people judging my motives....
I'd stay here and write my bio paper

getting that done will make me feel better

=(..... . . .

if you don't give a fuck about me ....just watch me give a fuck about you
you 'll be waiting a long FUCKIN time

Posted by amypl at April 2, 2007 06:44 PM


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