A Semester of Searches: Fall 2012
New DCU Setup Allows for 3D Capture
Retiring MTagger
Introducing MLibrary Favorites
Advanced Search for HathiTrust full-text seach
Tagging and Favoriting
Bookmarks, Favorites, and Lists: A Question of Names
Wikipedia Blackout and MLibrary Site Search
HathiTrust "Search in this text." Now with relevance ranking and better multilingual support!
HathiTrust Full-Text search: Now with Facets!
Updated Site Search Results
Announcing a Drupal Module for Searching Summon via API
A Look at Combined Search
NIH/NLM Oral Histories Served by DLXS
ArticlesPlus Browser Bookmarklet
Mirlyn Mobile
ArticlesPlus: Article Discovery on MLibrary Site
New List of Digital Collections
Putting a Librarian's Face on Search
Library Gateway Usability Testing
HathiTrust Digital Library Functionality Enhancements
Brief Survey of Digital Library Software Systems
Making Personal Collections from Large Scale Search Results
Proxy Server Bookmarklet -- Updated for iPad
PictureIt Rare Book Reader Code
More Opportunities to buy UM Library Books from the HathiTrust
PictureIt Rare Book Reader
Further tweaks to the OAI provider
HathiTrust Reaches 5 Million Volumes
LibGuides Usability Report
HathiTrust Accessible Interface
Updates to our UM OAI provider
Proxy Server Bookmarklet for iPhone
The New University of Michigan Library Web Site
Islamic Manuscripts Digitization
HathiTrust Announces Temporary Beta Catalog
University of Michigan Library spotlighted on Creative Commons Blog
Honorably Mentioned
Changes to the University of Michigan OAI data provider
New iPhone-friendly interface for religious texts
Large-scale Full-text Indexing with Solr
Historical Math Collection Incorporated into HathiTrust
HathiTrust Search Experiment Goes Live!
Just Go
MLibrary Labs Proxy Bookmarklet
A New HathiTrust Collection for the New Academic Year
MBooks is now HathiTrust
Searching for MBooks in Mirlyn
Languages in MBooks
More MTagger Usability Research
Drupal: MLibrary's Future CMS
Google Still Not Indexing Hidden Web URLs
Top Ten MBooks Collections
New MBooks!
Browsing in MBooks?
Google Book Search links in Mirlyn
Preview of the new Collection Builder tool
MTagger Usability Research
Page numbers and URLs in MBooks
New REST-ful API for Mirlyn
Full-Text MBook Searches from the Library Catalog
MLibrary Labs Project Summary
What to do with books in copyright
MTagger Update
University of Chicago integrating MBooks in catalog using OAI
What is MBooks?