MTagger Usability Research

June 08, 2008

The Usability Working Group (UWG), along with our 2 fantastic and hardworking interns, is spending the summer conducting usability research on MTagger. We started by doing a heuristic evaluation and cognitive walkthrough. The goal for these evaluations was to reveal a preliminary set of issues pertaining to the usability, functionality and aesthetics of MTagger and to facilitate prioritizing further benchmarks. This report is now online.

We've also completed a "guerilla" test and we're in the process of conducting interviews and preparing for formal user tests and a survey. Reports for those studies will also be put online when they're done.

Link to MTagger Usability Reports

- Suzanne Chapman
-- UWG chair/DLPS Interface & User Testing Specialist

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Was great to talk to Jacob and Matt about tagging. Hoping I was helpful, and looking forward to the results.

Posted by: persingd at June 9, 2008 09:42 AM

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