HathiTrust Digital Library Functionality Enhancements

July 09, 2010

We have recently made a number of significant updates to the HathiTrust Digital Library:

* University of Michigan users (and a number of other HathiTrust partner institutions) can now login to the Digital Library using Shibboleth.
* All users can now download full PDFs of public domain volumes that were not digitized by Google. This currently includes nearly 100,000 Internet Archive-digitized volumes that were contributed by the University of California and thousands of volumes digitized locally by the University of Michigan.
* Authenticated users can now download full PDFs of ALL public domain volumes.
* All users can now add items to public or private collections via the full-text search results pages.

Questions or comments? Submit via the feedback link on the HathiTrust website or via DLPS-help@umich.edu.

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