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November 26, 2012

Language Experts Needed

Language Experts Needed

Lidget Green, Inc. is a test development company that reviews language tests. We currently have a contract to review a large number of test items for the Defense Language Institute of the U.S. Department of Defense. We need native or near native language experts in: Arabic-Libyan and Arabic-Gulf/Saudi Arabia (Western Najdi, Central-Hijazi, and Eastern-Demmam/Dhahran dialects).
Language professionals (instructors, linguists, translators, interpreters) of the target languages are ideal candidates, as are native speakers who have studied (or are studying) at US universities.


1) Native or Near-Native Fluency in the target language (non-natives with near-native proven ability and substantial time spent living in the country of language origin may be considered); college-level education in the target language is preferred.

2) Excellent English skills; a degree from an English language university or standardized test scores are acceptable.

3) Professional experience in adult-level language education or assessment, translation and/or interpretation.

4) Excellent computer skills and ability to work comfortably in an online environment.

5) Documented permission to work in the US (and documented University
support if on a faculty or student visa). The DoD will vet all applicants and make the final determination whether a candidate is approved for the project. Supporting documents may be required.


Prior to joining the project, reviewers must attend a three-day orientation workshop at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California. Reviewers will be paid an honorarium for attendance. Accommodations will be provided, and a daily meal per diem and documented travel expenses will be reimbursed following the workshop.

Orientation sessions are planned for April 23-25 and June 11-13.
Following the DLI workshop, the item review work will be done online, from one’s home or office, at any time convenient for the reviewer within the scheduled deadlines. The time commitment is variable but averages a few hours per week for a few weeks at a time. Ability to work independently online and to meet deadlines is essential.

Payment is on a per item basis, and at normal work rates, the hourly
equivalent will be attractive.

Apply Now

Interested applicants should submit an inquiry along with a detailed and current CV/resume through email to Nina Powell at Nina@lidgetgreen.org or fax 866.711.8976. The CV/resume should speak to relevant personal, academic and professional expertise with the language, as well as the extent of time spent living in communities where the language is natively spoken and detail any subsequent travel or time otherwise spent within these cultures.

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