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January 11, 2013

Hands-on Experience in Islamic Art and Archaeology:

Hands-on Experience in Islamic Art and Archaeology:
Lectures, field trips, excavation
22nd of September - 11th of October 2013

This four-credit academic summer course,
combined with a firsthand experience in
archaeological excavation, will take place at
one of the sites dated to the Islamic period in
Israel. 15 students will be admitted, from
various universities in Israel and abroad,
preferably graduate students of Islamic and
Middle-Eastern studies, history, art and
archaeology. The program includes lectures,
workshops in Islamic material culture
(numismatics, epigraphy, ceramics, glass and
metalwork); field trips to Islamic historical
sites and to art and archaeological collections.
The participants will be expected to read
background material and to write an
excavation report and an essay.

The course is subsidized by The Israel Council for Higher Education.
The student is responsible for his/her own airfare.

For further information and registration, please write to the Dept. of Islamic and Middle-Eastern Studies,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ISRAEL, islam-mideast@savion.huji.ac.il

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