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January 14, 2013

Open Society Foundation Scholarships for Middle East Rule of Law Masters Degree

Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Scholarship Programs are pleased to announce the 2013-2014 Middle East Rule of Law Masters Degree Awards

The Middle East Rule of Law Program (MEROL) offers qualified applicants the opportunity to study for Master’s degrees in the following fields at top-ranked universities in the U.S., Hungary, and the Middle East:
Public Policy / Public
Media / Communications
Law (Master of Laws – LLM)
Social Work
Gender Studies
Mission and Objectives

The Middle East Rule of Law (MEROL) program aims to assist in the creation of a critical mass of reform-minded professionals in the Middle East working in fields crucial to the development and sustainability of open societies.

In conceiving of the foundations of the “Rule of Law” to include the healthy functioning of various public sectors beyond law itself, MEROL represents an extension of the Open Society Foundations’ Palestinian Rule of Law Program (PROL). Since 2003, the PROL program has supported over 50 LLM fellowships for Palestinian lawyers who are now engaged in
law reform, teaching, and the development of a Palestinian rule of law infrastructure.

Applicants must:
 be legally resident in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Syria, or Palestine (West Bank or Gaza, including East
Jerusalem) at the time of application
 demonstrate an excellent academic record and have an advanced degree (Minimum: Bachelor’s)
 display impressive civil society leadership potential
 prove strong English language ability through testing and interviews
(Minimum TOEFL score of 480)
 be able to begin the program in August or September, 2013
 be able to receive and maintain a U.S. J-1 visa (for students placed in the U.S.) or a Hungarian visa (for students
placed at the Central European University in Budapest)
 participate in an intensive academic writing program in summer 2013 prior to departure to US
 commit to returning to the home country upon degree completion
The fellowship provides:
 Tuition and mandatory university fees
 Monthly stipend for room, board, and living expenses
 Transportation to/from the U.S. or Hungary
 Accident and sickness insurance during program
 Funds for educational materials
 Funds for professional development
 Funds for an intensive academic writing program before starting at host universities(Please See Reverse Side)
The fellowship does NOT provide:
 Funding for dependent family members
 the option to choose university placement

Competition will be merit based and selection made on the basis of academic excellence, professional aptitude, leadership potential in the field of specialization, and proven commitment to open society values.

Pre-selection and Testing: All applications must include an English-language test (TOEFL, ITP, or IELTS) score report. Submitted applications will be screened by representatives from AMIDEAST, OSF and potential host universities. Applicants chosen to continue in the competition as semifinalists will be required to take the official
TOEFL test. AMIDEAST will make arrangements for semi-finalist TOEFL testing.

Interviews and Final Selection: Semifinalists will be interviewed in-person or via videoconference by a committee of representatives from OSF and potential US host universities. The committee will recommend finalists for placement at host universities. All finalists will need an official TOEFL test report. (Unofficial English test score reports will not be acceptable at the finalist placement stage.)

University Placement
Fellows are matched with US universities according to their academic and professional goals and experience. Decisions concerning host university placement are made by the program selection committee, which includes university graduate admissions staff and faculty. Each placement is available on the basis of previously negotiated agreements between OSF and the participating universities. Finalists are therefore not responsible for finding appropriate degree programs.

Potential Internship / Work Placement Funding
In some cases MEROL funding may be extended for six months after degree completion to cover public-sector and nonprofit internships. Information about internships will be shared with the grantees during the fellowship year.

Participant Responsibilities
Grantees will be required to live for up to two years in their home country after completing their degree. Grantees placed
in the U.S. should note that OSF supports the U.S. government’s J-1 policy, and expects grantees to apply the expertise
the fellowship has given them to the improvement of their home communities.

All finalists attend a mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation and intensive academic writing program in the summer
preceding the award as well as other OSF-sponsored events during the fellowship period. The costs associated with these activities are covered by the fellowship.Fellows must uphold the academic and ethical standards of the host institution and undertake full-time study for the program’s duration. Failure to maintain academic and professional standards will result in dismissal from the program.The program is administered by OSF and AMIDEAST and funded by OSF and host universities.

For more information and an application, please visit the following website or contact a local AMIDEAST office on
the following page:

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