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April 08, 2013

Arabic Language Study Opportunities with Arabeya Arabic Language Center

Summer Program 2013
Enjoy your summer learning Arabic in historic Egypt!

Arabeya offers great summer programs with great prices during the summer season! Our programs are designed to accelerate your studies in Arabic whether as a Beginner or Advanced.

All Program include:
Accommodation, airport Shuttle,Placement test & certificates.

Small Group Program

Arabeya offers group courses in Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic in all levels during the whole year. This Course is for small groups with minimum of three students up to six students. Classes are 3 hours daily, 5 days a week, with a combined total of 60 hours a month.

One to One Program

This program offers intensive private lessons at any time of the year.
A student can choose to take 20, 25 or 30 hours of Arabic a week. We are also happy to help if a student is interested to take less than 20 hours a week. One to one classes are adjusted to student’s time and studying requirements.

Online Course

Learn Arabic live with your Owen teacher anytime from anywhere.
FREE trial before you start regular. FREE martial provided (Via Email)
Choose the suitable time for your lessons. Save Time and Money.
Simple to use online classroom. One to one live Classes, Professional teachers.

Arabic for Journalism

The primary objective of The Arabic for Media and Journalism Program is to familiarize students of Arabic withthe methods of writing, reading, translating, and listening to different types of Arabic Media. Level 1 of the Journalism Program consists of 3 hours per day for 8 weeks.

Arabic Business Communications

Arabeya is offering courses in business communication lectures to increase your vocabulary and command of Arabic in the business environment, focusing on speaking under pressure, writing effective letters and memos, preparing formal and informal reports (in Arabic), and learning how to demonstrate respectful business etiquette.

Arabic for Diplomats

Arabic for diplomats program is a specialized in the needs of diplomats in this globalize environment. Public speaking skills, formal and informal communication techniques and analysis of written and oral media releases.

Arabic Calligraphy program

Arabeya is offering classes in calligraphy, this Courses will be offered in a variety of styles, including Farsi, Diwani,Thuluth, Rig'a and Naskh, and will be made available to all of our students who are interested in learning calligraphy.
Beginning Level - Intermediate Level
Each Level 16 Hours / 8 Lectures / eachlecture is 2 hours

Contact Us:
Arabeya Arabic Language Center
Email: info@arabeya.org
Web: www.arabeya.org
Main Office:
Address: 13 Tahrir Sq. Downtown, Cairo, Egypt
Tel: (+202) 257 897 32

Second branch:
Address: 19 Mansurra st, from Omar Tosson, Ahmed Orabi Mohandesin, Giza,
Tel: (+202) 330 224 79

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