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January 20, 2006

Resources for Public School Presentations about Dentistry

Many dentists are invited to give presentations to local elementary schools, churches, or parenting groups about dentistry and children. One of the interesting challenges of doing this is coming up with appropriate educational activities for the children. If you are a dentist, hygienist, or student about to speak to a group of children, you may find some of these ideas or resources helpful.

For UM patrons, the Dentistry Library has oversized models of a mouth and toothbrush that can be borrowed and used to demonstrate proper brushing. The library also has books with ideas for these activities, such as:

The Dentistry Library also has many books about dentistry, oral health, and traditions and folklore related to the mouth and teeth. These also may be borrowed and ued to illustrate concepts or to read aloud to a class. While we have many more children's book titles than are listed here, you may want to begin by browsing the exhibit guide for an exhibit we did some years ago on this topic.

In addition to the local resources, there are a number of online resources you may find useful.


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