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December 05, 2006

Health Statistics and More: NationMaster / StateMaster

Did you know that West Virginia ranks #1 of 52 for totally edentulous residents(43%), but 47 of 52 for residents who've had at least one visit to the dentist per calendar year?* The StateMaster website will give you not only that information, but will also provide supporting bar graphs and colored map plots to illustrate both concepts. StateMaster will even look for correlations between one data set and selected other datasets, such as number of dentists per state and the amount of education funding per state.

NationMaster is a similar tool that works with data from different countries. This means you can see that the United States ranks 29th of 30 for daily smokers (Austria is 1st) but 9th overall for deaths from cancer (with Austria a distant 13th). Obviously there is more to cancer than just smoking, eh? NationMaster appears to exclude data from South America, African, Middle East, East Asia, China, and Russia, at least for the topics I was checking. It seems to mostly compare data for 1st World countries. StateMaster includes all the American states and territories, and is more complete for scope, at this point in time. NationMaster has 168 health statistics topics and StateMaster has 262 (of 3,435 stats on other topics).

In addition to the data, charts, graphs, maps, and correlations, both these tools bring the information to you, not just making you go find what you want. Each page has at the top interesting tidbits or factoids. Examples included that nursing homes are better in Wisconsin and Alaska spends the most on education.

All in all, worth checking out!

NationMaster: http://www.nationmaster.com/

StateMaster: http://www.statemaster.com/

NationMaster: Health Statistics: http://www.nationmaster.com/cat/hea-health

StateMaster: Health Statistics: http://www.statemaster.com/cat/hea-health

* By the way, Michigan ranks #8 on annual dental visits and #39 on edentulous residents, with 17%. Michigan also ranks #18 for number of dentists per capita with 0.597 per 1,000 people, but #8 overall for the total number of dentists with 6,039.

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