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December 04, 2007

Another Way to Keep Track of Our News - Dentistry Library now on Twitter!

The Dentistry Library is now expanding our outreach with an easy way to keep track of what is new in the field and at the library. You may have heard of Twitter, which is described as a microblogging tool. Basically, instead of the long articles you have seen here in our blog, in Twitter the entries are 140 characters -- or less!

We hope to have the Twitter entries display on our home page when it is revised (process to begin later this month). In the meantime, we will occasionally list our recent Twitter entries in a blog post, for you to explore as you wish. So, you can either check out our "Twitterstream" or just keep watching our blog. Sooner or later, the information will come to you.

Here is the link to our Twitter account:

Here are our first 20 tweets (another word for a Twitter post) in reverse chronological order:

Posted by pfa at December 4, 2007 09:28 AM


There is nothing like a succinct list of interesting topics to keep our minds fresh without dominating the day. Thank you for this interesting service!! It is a shame that the URLs are disguised. I wonder if that will be of detriment to your archiving efforts.

Posted by: dental.assistant.jobs@gmail.com at December 10, 2007 03:43 PM

Interesting observation. What I am finding is that because so many of these link to news articles, the links are ephemeral in any case. Because of your observation, in the blog version, I am now trying to include both the tinyurl and the full link whenever possible. Thanks!

Posted by: pfa at March 5, 2008 05:11 PM

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